Changhai County Market Supervisory Authority: Carrying out supervision and examination on cold drink business units


Summer is the peak season for cold drinks and sales and consumption. To maintain the beverage and cold drink market competition order, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and food safetyin early June, Changhai County Market Supervision Authority carries out the supervision and examination on cold drink business units.


The first is to check whether licenses, buying and selling parameters, and Health Certificates of the supermarkets’ and shops’ operating entities are complete and standard, whether the procurement, acceptance, certification demanding and account registration of food raw materials are missing, and whether food safety management system is earnestly implemented.


The second is to check whether the stock channels of cold drink business users, like supermarkets or stores, around schools are legitimate whether their beverage and cold drinks are products with no production date, certification or manufacturer, are lacking of “QS” food certification mark, or beyond their shelf lives, and whether the foods are overdue, metamorphic, packing damaged, abnormal in characteristics, and so on.


The third is to check whether refrigerating, freezing and cleaning equipment are adequate, whether they work well, whether the refrigerating and freezing temperatures meet the requirements, and whether the dustproof, fly-proof, and antiseptic measures have been put in place.


Major problems of cold drink business units found through the inspection include a few omissions of inbound check account and disinfection records, failing to live up to the standard of disinfection, freezing temperature’s below the required. Aiming at the above problems found during the inspection, law enforcement officials put forward rectification opinions, and demand the business users to make rectifications within a certain time limit. Now all the rectifications are in place.


During this check, 56 law enforcement officials and 6 law enforcement vehicles are called out, with 42 cold drink business units being checked and 3 Advice Note of Ordered Rectification being issued. Through checking, the county’s beverage and cold drink market becomes standard, with the order of the summer cold drink market management effectively maintained, and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and food safety safeguarded.