Lushunkou District Food Safety Committee holds a work conference on food safety

Recently, Lushunkou District Food Safety Committee held a work conference on food safety, reviewing the work in 2015 and deploying tasks in 2016. The Deputy Head Liu Baode attended the meeting.

In 2015, Market Supervision Administration of Lushunkou District carried out many special rectifications on food safety around campuses and canteens at building sites and launched specific inspection on dairy products, meat products, baby food and health-care food. 3750 person-time law enforcement officials inspected 6852 operators, investigated and treated 50 cases about food safety, seized 75kg of problematic food and fined relevant people 280 thousand yuan. Besides, 460 thousand pieces of publicity materials were issued and 32 training courses were organized with 1160 persons trained. 1027 sampling inspections were carried out with a pass rate of 98 percent, which effectively safeguarded the rights of the masses. In 20116, based on the construction of national food safety cities, Market Supervision Administration of Lushunkou District will further consolidate the results of food safety reform, enhance governing capacity of food safety and secure food safety for the masses.

Liu Baode stressed at the meeting that relevant departments shall firstly attach great importance to the implementation measures for food safety; secondly strengthen supervision and management of key units, industries and groups and severely punish illegal acts according to law; finally establish and improve the record system for the whole process of enforcement and standardize the process of law enforcement to resolutely safeguard food safety for the public.