Lushunkou District has stepped up its efforts in producing winter vegetables to meet the market needs during the Spring Festival

A few days before the Spring Festival, all the big facility vegetable production areas have stepped up its efforts in producing winter vegetables, harvesting vegetables and launching the vegetables to the market to meet the market needs during the Spring Festival.

A few days before, in the greenhouse of Dalian Frog Ecological Market at Dawang Village, Shuishiying St., Lushunkou District, the farmers were harvesting such vegetables as leek, celery, spinach, and water radishes. The vegetables were cleaned up, packed, and launched to the market. According to the person in charge, the vegetables produced in the farm mainly are supplied to living communities in Dalian and wholesale markets, with about 150 kilograms of vegetables provided every day, and the sales volume during the Spring Festival is predicted to be 3 tons. With the help of Lvchen Fruit & Vegetable Professional Cooperatives, the vegetable producing base in Tuchengzi Village, Sanjianpu St. now sells over 6 tons of vegetables every day, and has sold more than 120 tons of vegetables until now. Lvyuan Vegetable Producing Zone in Zhoujia Village, Changcheng St. has supplied more than 150 tons of celery, leek and chrysanthemum coronarium. And the selling season of edible fungi produced by Shabao Village, Beihai St. has also come. 8 greenhouses can produce and supply about 1500 kilograms of mushrooms and oyster mushrooms at the price of 2-4 yuan per 500 grams. The vegetable producing zones in Zhongya Village, Nanya Village also produce and supply a lot of vegetables.

According to statistics, up to now, Lushunkou District has produced various kinds of vegetables adding up to over 3000 tons from over 3600 mu farmlands and produced about 1078 tons of edible mushrooms from the greenhouses. The vegetables are mainly sold to the big supermarkets and wholesale markets to meet the requirements of the people.