The 9th Dalian Reading Season And 2018 Reading Season in Jinpu New Area Opened

In the morning of April 24th, Li Pengyu, the municipal Party Standing Committee and the Propaganda Minister and Liu Gang, the Vice-chairman of municipal committee of CPPCC opened the “Wisdom Book”, starting The 9th Dalian Reading Season and 2018 Reading Season in Jinpu New Area. Leaders of Jinpu New Area, Ji Zheng, Liu Jinhong, Mao Changyi and Yan Liming, attended the opening ceremony.


At the opening ceremony, the advertising video of Literary Jinpu showed the achievements made by the New Area government in promoting reading for all people. Some programs like Reading Leads to Tranquility and the special guests' reading experience expressed the meaning of self-cultivation, family harmony, country management. This exhibited the charm of reading and made the nearly 800 spectators immerse in the world of books. Before the ceremony, all these leaders had viewed the Jinpu New Area award art exhibition.


In order to be a powerful cultural city, Dalian government has been working hard over years to launched related activities like Dalian Reading Month and National Reading Day. Now, Dalian gained some symbols like a learning city and Scholarly Dalian, making this national civilized city surrounded by the cultural atmosphere. This year, the Reading Month has been upgraded to Reading Season which lasted for more than two months. During this period, activities are held in various types like reading promotion, reading competitions, reading selection and recommendation and poverty alleviation and education improvement.


At the same time, Jinpu New Area Reading Season opened. The Mingxing Community in Maqiaozi street and the Haijing Community in Dagushan street have carried out activities as warming up.