The 5th“Zhongshan Cup”Dance Competition Was Held

On April 1, the 5th “Zhongshan Cup”Dance Competition themed on “Dancing in Zhongshan & Imagining Chinese Dream” was held in Citizen Fitness Center in Zhongshan District.

It is the government’s duty to do a good job in guiding people to improve their cultural life and providing service to them. The Culture and Sports Bureau and Culture Center of Zhongshan District created the “Zhongshan Cup” Dance Competition five years ago, a district-level cultural activity, to respond to the public’s expectation for a better life, and organized multi-level, various types of mass cultural activities to meet the different needs.

The competition was divided into Latin dance and modern dance. Four groups were set up: corporate group, infant group, children group, and adult group. More than 1200 people participated in the competition, aged from 5 to 76.