The "Lighting Up Project" of Zhuanghe City is Intensely Carried Out


Zhuanghe City has launched its "Welcoming the New Year and Lighting Up" project of 2018; workers of Zhuanghe Urban Landscape Management Office are getting busy decorating and lighting up the street lights, road landscapes and bridges and culverts.


It is known that Zhuanghe's Chinese New Year "Lighting Up Project" will use blue as the primary color to highlight the characteristics of Zhuanghe as an ecological harbor city. It will follow the principles of "Creating an atmosphere, beautifying the city and be economical" and light up the "Six points and one line", i.e. the high-speed rail station, high-speed intersection, Xinhua Square, Wuyi Square, Century Square, the Children's Park and the third ring street-Xinhua road-Wanda. This "Six points and one line" lighting up project not only helps to increase the city's standard, but also helps to perfect Zhuanghe's economic and cultural functions; it will surely add new vitality to Zhuanghe's city image, make citizens' living environment more beautiful and comfortable and give stronger sense of gain and happiness to Zhuanghe's citizens. The entire lighting up project is expected to wrap up at the end of January.