China's 1st Huge Cauldron to be Settled in Lushunkou District

A huge cauldron customized by the government of Lushunkou District for celebration of the 2018 Lantern Festival is scheduled to be trucked to its final destination – the Cultural Park of Dragon Temple in Lushun around 3 o’clock a.m. on Saturday (December 23).

Production of the cauldron started from March this year. It took about 1 year for Dalian General Machinery Co., Ltd. to produce the huge cauldron after overcoming many difficulties. It has a diameter of 9.9 meters (10.8 meters plus the outer edge), is 1.2 meter high and weighs about 65 tons. With food-class steel plates as the raw materials, the cauldron was produced using the integrated molding technique. According to the record, it is the first huge cauldron so far in China. To avoid adverse effects to be made to the traffic, the cauldron is going to be transported from Jinzhou in the night on Friday (December 22) to its final destination by truck.  

After being settled, the cauldron will be a new tourist landmark in Lushunkou District. During the 2018 Lantern Festival, it will be formally put to use, cooking thousands of kilograms of sweet dumplings which may be tasted by about 50, 0000 people at the same time and free of charge when they approach the temple for praying or celebration.