Some Scenic Spots in Lushunkou District Are for Free and Attract Lots of Tourists

During the National Day vacation, scenic spots in Lushun welcomed a large number of tourists. Four main scenic spots of Lushun Tourism Group opened to the public for free. Tourist facilities basically fulfilled tourists’ needs. In Baiyushan scenic spot, traffic police and staff eased the heavy traffic jams. In Dongjiguan Mountain and Navy Port Park, the business of commercial tenants in spots were very well. Tourists rushed to buy and taste delicious food of Lushun.

In October every year, Lushun Taiyanggou presents its best scenery, including golden ginkgo trees, fiery-red sakura leaves, mulberries and oak trees. Lushun Colorful Leaves Festival attracted much more citizens and tourists to enjoy the scenery.

A light world was presented along an old street in Lushun Taiyanggou. Many familiar scenes were often shown in the movies and TV programs that were shot in Lushun. An art exhibition with the theme of “Taiyanggou in my eyes” was held at the old site of Lushun Industry School. Art pieces of local painters presented the beauty of every corner of Taiyanggou through paintings.

The newly opened Lushun Ceramics Homestay Experience faced the tourists flow peak during the vacation, receiving thousands of tourists per day. Some local citizens took their families to enjoy the beauty of Taiyanggou and experience the charm of ceramic. Many foreign tourists also came here to make potteries as souvenir under the guidance of staff and have a good memory for the vacation.