“Farm Stay” is Highly Popular with People in the National Day holiday

During the Golden Week holiday, the rural tourism in Lushunkou district was especially popular. Tourists from all over the country, especially self-driving tourists from the suburbs came there. They visited the scenic spots and enjoyed the colorful autumn scenery. In addition, they could experience the rural amorous feelings and taste the farmhouse meals. Over 60 farm stays and 10 farms were full of tourists during the holiday.

Since the beginning of the holiday, farm stays in Guojiacun village of Tieshan Street received over 100 tourists per day, most of which came from Dalian city and surrounding areas. They usually traveled with families, friends and partners. Some tourists even booked the rooms through network and phone a few days in advance. They stayed there and visited Laotieshan Lighthouse, the boundary between the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea and many other scenic spots. Tourists have experienced the rural amorous feelings, participated in various recreational activities and enjoyed the leisure of holiday.