The First Session of Farming Entertainment As Well As Special Fitness of Ethnic Minorities Is Held at Jinpu New Area

Based on the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC, the grass-root show of “telling the stories of models” propagated noble characters to inspire citizens’ moral consciousness and call on them to do rights. An environment embracing and learning from models was shaped. A few days ago, the first session of farming entertainment as well as special fitness of ethnic minorities was held at Liangjiadian Street, which attracted representative teams from 14 counties to participate in the competition.

The competition, different from previous ones, involved in daily farming including harvesting potatoes, corns, sweet potatoes and peanuts. Besides, other competition events were designed including harvesting and transporting crops. Other events with ethnic characteristics including hitting knee and archery were conducted. In these grass-root events, athletes experienced entertainment from farming culture.

The activity was held to implement the philosophy, proposed by General Administration of Sport of China and Dalian Municipal Government of “fitness-for-all programs leading to good health”. Dalian Jinpu New Area held interesting farming sports meeting and mountain climbing activity to remind citizens of farming memories and show the new custom and image of new rural areas.

Dalian Jinpu New Area will take the activity as an opportunity to create travel experiences in multiple and diverse aspects. The area will advance the “travel-framing” program to increase tourism income and promote rural innovation and development.