Taiyanggou Pottery Exploration Hall in Lushunkou District is officially open to the public

On September 15, Taiyanggou Pottery Exploration Hall, developed by Shanghai Maisi Cultural Transmission Company and Dalian Taiyanggou Cultural Industry Development Limited Company, was officially open to the public. Leaders of Lushunkou District, Hanying, Xu Yan, Du Furong and Chi Junpeng attended the opening ceremony and unveiled the nameplate of the practical teaching base and practice base of College of Fine Arts of Dalian University. 

Taiyanggou Pottery Exploration Hall, located in the Taiyanggou Cultural Industrial Park, is planned, designed and laid out for the purpose of leading the business development of the industrial park and is composed of such function areas as pottery exploration area, colored drawing area, master working area, display area, homestay area, kiln area, tearoom area, activity area and multi-media area. The pottery exploration hall, the first project of the cultural industrial park, covers 6100 thousand square meters and receives over one thousand tourists daily with sartistic decoration and strong cultural atmosphere. 

The integration of mud and fire, fingerprints, knife lines and natural texture of furnace transmutation, not only represent the natural characteristic of pottery but also constitute the fixed features of modern life pottery. At the activity site, tourists can experience the joy of self-making pottery and feel the charisma of pottery.