Snake-Island Laotieshan Natural Museum will be open to the public for free

In recent days, Snake Island Laotieshan Natural Museum after renovation is open to the public for free.

The Natural Museum, located in Taiyanggou Tourist Attraction of Lushun and built in the 1980s, is the first professional museum in China covering more than 2000 square meters with the building area up to 1340 square meters. This museum in a systematic way reflects the natural conditions of Snake-Island Laotieshan, reveals the island’s secrets as well as the diversity of serpentes species and introduces the migration rules of Northeastern Asian migratory birds. In addition, the museum is a practice base of teaching and scientific research for primary and secondary students in Northeastern China and a national education base of science and technology for adolescents as well. After renovation, the museum showcases more than 1300 flora and fauna specimens. Among these, there are over 160 serpentes specimens, nearly 100 bird specimens, over 50 fish specimens, more than 100 invertebrate specimens, over 200 insect specimens, over 350 plant specimens and more than 50 serpentes skeleton specimens.

Liaoning Snake-Island Laotieshan Nature Reserve Authority takes the museum as a publicity platform for protecting ecological environment so as to enhance relevant publicity and increase public attention to the migratory birds and protection of the ecological environment.