Jinpu New Area will carry out the activity of “Overseas Chinese Traveling around Hometown”

On the afternoon of August 28, Wang Qiang, secretary of Jinpu New Area Party Working Committee, met with Wang Daming, head of the Municipal Overseas Chinese Federation and exchanged views on deepening federation reform and carrying out the activity of “Overseas Chinese Traveling around Hometown”. Yong Xinqiu, head of the United Front Department attended the meeting.

Wang Qiang expressed thanks to the Municipal Overseas Chinese Federation for their outstanding contributions to the opening up and development of the New Area. He said, the vast overseas Chinese have been playing a significant role in pushing forward the opening up of the New Area. Currently, the national-level New Area and Free Development Zone should give full play to the advantages of the federation as the communication bridge to attract more overseas merchants to invest in the construction of the New Area. The New Area will integrate the federation reform into the mechanism reform and resolutely address relevant problems. In addition, efforts will be made to specify responsibilities for the smooth going of the activity of “Overseas Chinese Travelling around Hometown”.

Wang Daming stressed that the federation has been maintaining good cooperation relationship with the New Area. Dalian Overseas Chinese Businessman Alliance will focus on the overall situation and actively conduct relevant reform. The Municipal Overseas Chinese Federation will enhance the construction of basic-level federations and more extensively contact overseas Chinese and businessmen all over the world to attract more investment for the New Area. The municipal federation will make effective preparation for the success of the activity of “Overseas Chinese Traveling around Hometown” initiated after Dalian Free Trade Zone was officially set up.