Dalian International Automobile Exhibition comes to an end

2017 (The 22th) Dalian International Automobile Exhibition came to an end at Dalian Xinghai Exhibition Center and Dalian World Expo Square, which was hosted by such entities as China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Dalian Government, etc. and co-sponsored by Dalian Branch of CCPIT and Dalian International Chamber of Commerce Exhibition Company.



According to the organizing committee, the exhibition aims to provide a broader platform for the cooperation and development of automobile companies at home and abroad under the principle of “promoting the integration of production and sales & exhibiting automobile culture”. During the five days, various automobile brands from 12 countries including the USA, Germany, France, Italy, etc. were exhibited. The exhibition room covers an area of 130,000 square meters with 376 automobile enterprises and 151 brands participating in it, receiving 302,000 visitors. In spite of the overall downturn of automobile market, 9260 vehicles were sold at the popular exhibition with the trading volume of 1.245 billion yuan.



Many limousine brands also show up at the exhibition including the world-class Lamborghini and Aston Martin, which were sold soon after the opening ceremony. Such new energy and smart-interconnection automobile brands as Lexus, Cadillac and Toyota were exhibited in a centralized manner. The trading volume of pure electric cars and hybrid cars has reached 500, which shows that new energy cars gain much more popularity.



The exhibition seizes the opportunity of cooperation between Dalian and Shanghai and sets up 5000-squaremeter exhibition area for whole-vehicle manufacturers affiliated with SAIC Motor with 2000 vehicles traded. The smart-interconnection cars jointly introduced by ROEWE and Alibaba become the vehicle type characteristic of Science and Technology.



The exhibition plays a positive role for automobile enterprises to promote brands, expand market, improve sales performance and push forward the integration of production and sales. Dalian International Automobile Exhibition strives to serve as the important platform for the simultaneous development of automotive industry, sales and logistics.