Yongzheng Street of Jinpu New District Starts the “Book Houses Nearby Home” Project

The “Book Houses Nearby Home” project is a fundamental project to strengthen the infrastructure construction of mass culture and to construct public cultural service system. It benefits the residents of the area, promotes public reading, and creates a good atmosphere of reading for the residents.



Recently, the “Book Houses Nearby Home” project is launched in the community culture square of Yongzheng Street with the theme of “passing on love and knowledge” More than 1000 books have been donated by enterprises and residents of the area The book houses take the staff-free management model. The residents can always open the door to get a free collection during the daytime, truly realizing the flow of idle books.



The doors of the book houses use a transparent acrylic plate material and the overall design has no right angle or sharp corners, so that the residents can easily read and choose books. For the convenience of reading, the community equips each book house with a bench.



The next step, the street will take the book house of Guchengjiaqu area as a pilot, and gradually extend to other areas of the community. At the same time, the streets will work with the Jinzhou Library and set up mobile book houses every Friday afternoon in the culture square to facilitate the reading of the residents.