The coastal fishermen of Dalian carry out various activities to celebrate the Fishermen’ Day

July 6(the 30thday of the6thlunarmonth) is the birthday of the god of rain in Chinese mythology, which is called “the Fishermen’ Day”. The coastal fishermen of Dalian attached great importance to this festival and came to the seaside to pray and celebrate. Jinzhou New District, High-Tech Industrial Zone, Lushunkou District and Changhai County held temple fair and artistic performance and set off fireworks to pray for safety and harvest. Lushunkou District also carried out opening ceremony and performances at Beihai Village, Beihai Street.



About 20 thousand people took part in the activities. In recent years, the governments at all levels in Dalian have attached great importance to“the Fishermen’ Day”. Theycarry out many implementation methods, including government guidance, social support and touristparticipation. The governments designmeticulous  plans with the support of the enterprises and departments of religion and public security. The streets and communities participate in and guide the whole process. The fishermen express their wishesas much as possible. This becomes a comprehensivefestival. The relevant leaders of Department of Ethnic & Religious Affairs of Dalian and operation office celebrated the festival.