Many units touching upon seaco-host activities to celebrate China National Maritime Day

July 11, 2017 is the 13thChina National Maritime Day. In order to inheritnavigation culture and advance theSilk Road spirit, Yukun Steamship of Dalian Maritime University whichconcluded thegoodwill visittoHongkong,Coast Guard No. 0301 Steamship of Dalian Maritime Safety Administration, Coast Guard No. 15009 Steamship of Dalian Waterway Bureau and Liangang No. 8 of Dalian Port assembled at Dalian Port and were opened to the public.



During the activity, the young reporter group of Dalian, the students of Dalian Maritime University and many citizens gotaboard and paid a visit. The staff guided the visitors to view and emulate maritime ships and introducedthefacilities and characteristics of the ships. The staff also introduced the overall arrangement of the ports in Dalian and relevantocean knowledgelikenavigationaids. At the same time, Dalian Waterway Bureau carried out Laotieshanlighthouse open day ,which islocatedat the southern end of Liaodong peninsula. The bureau showed the citizens lighthouses and navigation marks and presented the models of lighthouses and albums of paintings to them. These measures aimed to popularizenautical knowledge and lighthouse culture as well as to enhance the citizens’maritime consciousness and the concept of seaborne travel safely.



China National Maritime Day is the only national statutory holiday touching upon sea approved by the State Council, which is the implementation date of World Maritime Day. The theme of 2017 China National Maritime Day is “Ship•Port•Human---Interconnection”.