Ganjingzi District invites “the girl crystal band” to conduct a special performance

On July 1, Ganjingzi District Education Culture and Physical Training Bureau invited “the girl crystal band”, an idol group of Chinese new folk music, to conduct a special performance and celebrate the 96th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party. More than 480 audiences watched the live performance and more than 80 thousand fans participated in the interaction on live streaming platform of Jinsanjiao theatre.


 “The girl crystal band”, as the most beautiful musical notation of “B&R” culture stage, highly integrates tradition and modern as well as fashion and classic. In 2015, “the girl crystal band” gave tour performance in different countries in three continents and performed in UN twice. The group also performed at 2017 B&R Forum for International Cooperation. The performers are considered as young artists in national database (performing for China and other countries’ First Lady).


This is the first time for the group to hold a special concert in Dalian after performing in first-tier cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The members’ first show was performed at Jinsanjiao theatre of Ganjingzi District, which is equipped with 482 seats, the most professional stage, sound installation and lighting facilities. The group showed wonderful music compositions to the audiences.