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2017 Dalian Lushun Cherry Festival raises curtain

The 2017 Dalian Lushun Cherry Festival raised curtain in Taiyanggou Central Relics and Museolgy Area of Lushunkou District on June 2.

The one-month Dalian Lushun Cherry Festival with the theme of Ripe Cherry in June and eternal love for Lushun raised curtain in Taiyanggou Central Relics and Museolgy Area of Lushunkou District. Present at the opening ceremony were Zhang Yuxiang, contract research fellow of Office of the Counselors of the State Council, Qu Xiaofei, deputy director of Dalian Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, Wang Naibo, vice chairman of Dalian Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, leaders of leading groups in Lushunkou District, responsible persons of relevant departments, heads of station troops and guests from home and abroad.

Li Jun, head of Lushunkou District, said in his speech that the Cherry festival is a key medium of Lushunkou District to promote the combination of primary industry, seconday industry and third industry, and Lushun is to enhance the popularity and reputation of Lushun cherry, attract more people to experience the fun in picking and tasting, know more about Lushun and participate in the reform and construction of Lushun. Lushun will also inject new elements into the annual Cherry Festival and add new selling points to provide new experience and new harvest and keep the beautiful memory in Lushun.

Lushunkou known as "the home of China's big cherry” is one of the most suitable areas for cherry for its unique geographical location and climatic conditions. Lushunkou cherry was awarded the title of "national geographical indications certification" and won many honors such as “the golden award for China’s high-quality fruit” for the big cherry’s rich nutrient, sweet taste and bright color. There are 50,000 mu of cherry is in ripe period. More than 70 varieties of cherry are planted, which can increase 300 million yuan income for farmers with an annual output of 30,000 tons. Lushunkou District closely combines urban agriculture with tourism and leisure services. Up to now, there has been over 100 cherry picking gardens and over 10 tourism routes.

At the opening ceremony, literary and art workers performed wonderful programs.