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Dalian celebrates the International Children 's Day

Dalian Youth Palace was filled with joy and festive atmosphere yesterday. Dalian Youth Education Commission held the International Children 's Day festival. Children and leaders of Dalian gathered to celebrate the festival.

The meeting awarded 350 children the honor of “Dalian Civilized Citizens” and 100 people the honor of "Advanced Individuals for Dalian Youth Education and Protection Work", and commended the programs of the 5th Dalian Youth Network Spring Festival Party. Leaders, guests, representatives of prize winners, and children watched the art performance on the International Children 's Day. The children from the Children's Palace fully demonstrated their talent with brilliant performance, and won warm applause from the audience. Before the Children's Day, organizations of youth education and protection and youth education and protection commission conducted 806 activities and commonweal projects. Organizations of youth education and protection at all levels carry out a series of activities for the children in difficult situation, visited 688 orphans, retarded and autistic children, launched sunshine activity with the theme of preparing for the Gaokao in a relaxing atmosphere for over 70,000 students in Dalian and conducted a special rectification for purifying growth environment for minors, which show the great care of the Party and government for the healthy growth of children.