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The Third Cole Flower Festival of Dalian as well as camper activity is started at Fuzhouwan

Tourists are indulged in the fragrance of cole flower every year. On the morning of May 20, the Third Cole Flower Festival of Dalian as well as camper activity was started at Peitun Village of Fuzhouwan Street. Thousands mu of golden cole flowers blossom, attracting tourists all over the country to enjoy the gorgeous scene.

At Peitun Village of Fuzhouwan Street, Puwan Economic Zone, acres of cole flowers shine on the mountain as if golden ocean. Tourist Ding Aixia invited her friends to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Many photography enthusiasts are attracted here by its reputation to record the colorful moments with camera.

The cole flower at Peitun Village is the cole flower scenic spot across Northeast Region with the largest scale. This year, a bunch of leisure supporting projects like fishing and camping are added to enhance the sightseeing agriculture. Moreover, a series of additional products centering on cole flowers will be developed to help farmers increase income.

At the opening ceremony, Peitun Village signed strategic cooperative agreement with Tujia, Jidong Construction and GMC Camper, and presented “Honorary Villagers Certificate” for 999 citizens who rent small vegetable fields and will experience the joy of being a “vegetable grower”.