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Mulberry picking becomes popular in the field of picking

In recent years, picking tourism becomes a main part of urban leisure agriculture. Such three agricultural festivals as cherry festival, strawberry festival and blueberry festival promote Jinpu New District agricultural tourism to the whole country. With the increasing of people’s interest in picking tourism, ecological gardens begin to enrich their picking objects and greenhouse mulberry picking becomes more and more popular.

In the mulberry greenhouse of Xiaotong Ecological Garden, many children saw the mulberry for the first time. They ate these amaranthine fruits very carefully. Mulberry belongs to berries fruit with high nutritive value. Because it’s not easy to store in the mature period, mulberries were almost agrestal in the past. In recent years, the booming picking tourism also brings new vitality for this kind of “eating while picking” fruit.

Mulberry picking booms in the south and is introduced into the north in recent years. At present, Desheng, Dengshahe, Huajia and Daweijia ecological gardens begin scale cultivation and mulberry picking also becomes a new highlight of picking tourism.