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2017 Dalian (Jinpu New District) Strawberry Cultural Tourism Festival ends successfully

2017 Dalian (Jinpu New District) Strawberry Cultural Tourism Festival as well as the leisure agricultural products expo came to an end successfully. During the festival, Jinpu New District received 6.26 million citizens and visitors, which stimulated 6.5 billion yuan of comprehensive tourism consumption, both achieving obvious increase.

During the festival, Jinpu New District launched 8 participation and experience activities with the theme of “looking for strawberry in the snow and enjoying hot spring” and 7 self-driving lines with the theme of “enjoying beautiful scenery in Jinpu” to further build tourism atmosphere in the whole district, attract more tourists, and activate the winter tourism market.

The holding of this strawberry festival expanded new ways of increasing fruit growers’ income. Such agricultural standardization demonstration zones as Xingshu, Huajia, Dengshahe and Sanshilipu, 10 bases, 26 strawberry picking gardens generated significant industry driving and radiation effects, thus making the per capita net income of fruit growers reach over 50 thousand yuan. This year, another 200 mu of land is planted strawberry in the whole district, thus the total planting area reaching over 2 thousand mu with nearly 100 million yuan production value and 70 million yuan net income.

During the festival, agricultural sectors centering on the strategy of “ quality-oriented production and branding development” insisted on quality first in introduction, cultivation and pest control to guarantee fruit quality and food safety. Tourism sectors issued the picking strategy and festival guide, and conducted all directional and dimensional promotion through various forms of media. Five more strawberry gardens were awarded as “rural tourism demonstration base” after receiving many national honors successively, thus further occupying new heights of “national all-for-one tourism demonstration zone” and cultivating new landmarks of “strawberry hometown of China”.

In addition, the driving effects of strawberry industry tourism become obvious, which not only triggers new hot topic of the mass consumption, but also covers the shortage of rural tourism in spring and winter. During the festival, nearly 330 thousand citizens and visitors attended the strawberry-picking self-driving activity, stimulating 0.31 billion yuan of comprehensive tourism consumption. Such activities as enjoying hot spring, playing with snow, culture expo and climbing mountains are integrated with strawberry picking to further enrich tourism products. Tourism sectors continuously build destinations of suburban tourism by government guidance and market promotion.