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People from Jinpu New District displays glamour in the walking festival and the sub-venue of Golden Pebble Beach shows vigorous popularity

During last weekend, the annual Dalian International Walking Festival was started again, which attracted many folks from Jinpu New District and enterprises to participate in it. Golden Pebble Beach, as a sub-venue, attracted a total of 50,000 people that hit the historical record due to its romantic natural scenery as well as favorable and convenient walking condition. 

The special walking route of Golden Pebble Beach along the golden coast to the west passes through the Beach Park, the Sea Beaches and the Jinhu Mountain and other scenic spots. At the scene, either squares with neat steps and uniform or a family of three with chatting and laughing, the warm atmosphere influenced everyone.

The participants not only included local citizens and foreign tourists, but also many working staff and entrepreneurs from the Jinpu New District. The walking festival enhanced people’s understanding of Jinpu New District.

Over 400 employees of Jinma Group from the Jinpu New District participated in the activity. They became beautiful scenery as they waved the flags with neat square.

There were also many special teams which attracted people’s attention in the walking festival, such as over 100 volunteers from Jinzhou Volunteer Team scattered in the crowd and they picked up trash from time to time; campus journalists from Dalian Art College took the golden opportunity to enhance their practical skills.

According to the responsible person of Management Committee in Golden Peddle Beach, the working staff replaced the street signs in the scenic spots in advance and added clean and comfortable mobile public toilets in order to provide the citizens with better walking conditions and highlight details of quality service. There were also headquarters, medical stations, stamping stalls and lounges being established along the way. The success of the walking festival also laid a good foundation for the Dalian International Beach Culture Festival which would be opened next month.