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Shahekou District “World Reading Day” campaigns are brilliant

April 23 is the World Reading Day. All middle and primary schools and kindergartens in Shahekou District carried out colorful reading activities, making teachers and students share the joy of reading and creating a good atmosphere of reading.

Kindergartens in Shahekou District provided such activities as parent-child homemade book exhibition, book collection competition and book factories for three kinds of classes based on the age in order to make kids enjoy the fun of reading and cultivate kids’ habit of reading. Heishijiao Primary School invited Ge Xin, a children’s literature writer to give a campus lecture and direct kids to write and read. Teachers and students donated over 2000 books to Zhuanghe Dongguachuan Primary School, which is the pairing school in rural regions, so as to make teachers and students of two schools share the joy of reading together. Xinghai Primary School book exchanging market began, thus letting students’ books flowing and making students understand the source sharing and read more good books. Xinan Street carried out an ancient poetry and prose reading competition with the theme of “reading beautiful and aged articles, reciting Chinese classical works”, thus cultivating kids’ taste and absorbing the nutrition of Chinese traditional culture. Shengli Primary School held a Reading Festival speech contest, and bought every teacher and student a book they like and encouraged them to love books. Gezhi Middle School held Chinese textbook drama competition. Students carefully choreographed and performed several classics, including Zengzi Slaughtering a Pig, Wen Tianxiang and Hamlet. It deepened the understanding and recognition of classical culture of students. Other schools also conducted some characteristic activities, including designing bookplates, making bookmarks, hand-copied of reading books competition, discussing reading responses, appreciating themed calligraphy and introducing recommended books based on their own reality.