Han Changbin investigated, supervised and directed the “Greenhouse” cleaning up work and rural settlement environment managing work in our city

Yesterday, minister of agriculture and rural affairs Han Changbin came to Dalian and investigated the specific cleaning up work of the problem of “Greenhouse” and the rural settlement environment managing work. Tan Zuojun, the secretary of the   Committee of the provincial party committee and of the municipal party committee, Hao Chunrong, vice governor, and Tan Chengxu, mayor of the provincial party committee participated in the investigation.


Han Changbin firstly came to Xinzhaizi Street, Ganjingzi District. Then he observed the “Greenhouse” cleaning up work on the spot. He also listened to the report on the situation of “Greenhouse”specific problems cleaning up work. He emphasized that the “Greenhouse”cleaning up work concerning farm;and protection red line, food safety bottom line, the rights of villagers and even the big picture of the rural revitalization. Understand the “Greenhouse”management work from the prospective of policy and economy, understand the policy accurately and practically carry out the special cleaning and renovation work in according with the requirements of “Stick to the Red Line strictly, investigate thoroughly, highlight the key points and rectify resolutely”. Make sure that the rectification is in place within the set time and restore the producing function of the farmland as soon as possible. In the cherry shed of Huanong village Shihe Street Jinbuxin district, Han changbin had a cordial chat with the orchard worker Wang xiuzhu. Han changbin deeply learned the situation about the chreey’s variety, planting management, outcome and income. He also asked about the proportion and concrete purpose of “Earhouse”.


Heard that a lot of villagers were planting Greenhouse cherry, Han changbin said happily:”the cherries in Dalian have good variety, good quality and good brand. I hope that everyone can farm land, plant and protect the land carefully, strive to have a better harvest, a higher profit this year. In recent years, Shihe village in Shihe street, Jinpuxin district has combined with the beautiful village constructing and started a human settlement environment managing wok which is mainly about garbage, polluted water, toilet transformation. So far, the whole village has realized garbage harmless discharge, household toilet harmless transformation and built up sewage pipe network which gathers the polluted water of the whole village together to the street sewage treatment plant to get purified. In leisure square in Shihe village, Han chengbin carefully listened to the renovation situation of the living environment of the village and the work report on beautiful village construction of Jinpuxin district. He also came to villager Chi fujin’s home and had a investigation on the situation of reconstruction and construction of Rural toilet on the spot. Having known that government at all levels have offer subsidy for toilet reformation, farmers basically have little to pay. Han changbin gave recognition and said:”Rural “toilet revolution” is a small topic but concerns about people’s livelihood. We shall plan properly, organize carefully, enhance supervision, ensure the operation and carry out the work practically so as to make more villagers access t clean toilets.


In the investigation, Han changbin fully affirmed the achievement on construction of rural settlement environment in our city. He stressed that improving rural settlement environment and building a beautiful and livable village is a significant mission to carry out the strategy of rural revitalization. It is related to the building of a well-off society, the fundamental well-being of farmers and the harmony of social civilization in rural areas. In accordance with the deployment requirements of the Three-year Operation Plan for Rural Settlement Environment Improvement, strengthen the organizational leadership, strengthen the measures, renovate the idea, act practically, define the goal and time process, practically promote the key tasks such as the   treatment of rural garbage and sewage in a down-to-earth manner, toilets revolution and utilization of agricultural wastes and so on. Improve the settlement environment and agricultural production environment in rural areas and build a better homeland for farmers to live and work in peace and contentment.


City leaders Li Pengyu, Zhang Zhihong, Luo Dongsheng and secretary general of the municipal government Yi qingtao, participated in the investigation.