The New Model of Internet + Planting Is Promoted Vigorously in Dalian

The new introduced model of Internet +Planting integrated the network and the compulsory planting, enriched and improved the new form of duty-responsibility for all the people, and effectively increased the obligatory tree planting rate.


Firstly, the Internet +Planting project was initiated and implemented. A project about protection of the ancient famous trees was officially launched on March 12, 2016. In just 10 months, nearly 20,000 people participated in fundraising, and successfully achieving funds of 173,000 yuan. Secondly, it is necessary to build a voluntary tree planting base. The municipal government will build an Internet + voluntary tree-planting base based on 19 national voluntary tree-planting bases such as Tianmenshan National Forest Park, Kowloon Volunteer Tree Planting Base, and Erlongshan Forest Park, and scientifically formulate plans to promote the online and offline cooperation. Thirdly, it will work to build a place to cultivate trees. The government will build a group of tree-cultivation bases with 17 parks such as Yinshitan National Forest Park, Children's Park, and Zhongshan Park, offering citizens to participate in adopting trees online and offline. Fourthly, famous trees protection projects have to be extended. On the basis of famous trees protection project that has been implemented, the government should work to extend the responsible continuation to encourage citizens to participate in adopting famous trees. This will not only effectively protect famous trees, but also play a propaganda role for citizens in taking various ways to do their duty. Fifthly, the working system needs to be upgraded. The government need strengthen the management of raised funds and promote the institutionalized and standardized construction of Internet +Planting. Sixthly, it can carry out the construction of small green areas on taking full use of edge margins, waste lands, vacant lands, illegal lands, courtyard lands.