An Initial Meeting on A Demonstration Project of Flower Street Construction Was Held

In order to improve the level of forestry urban and rural development, to build green and beautiful villages, and comprehensively advance the construction of the Flower Street project, the Municipal Forestry Bureau held an initial meeting on demonstration project at Shihe Street, Jinpu New Area on April 17th. Chen Kuigang, member of the Party Committee of the Municipal Bureau of Forestry and political commissar of the Forest Public Security Bureau, attended the meeting. The relevant responsible comrades from Afforestation Department and the Forestry Survey and Planning Institute of the Municipal Forestry Bureau, the chief leaders of the forestry authorities of the Jinpu New Area and Pulandian District, the townships undertaking the construction tasks, and the related design unit attended the meeting.


All attenders listened to the reports of this project, and clarified the work responsibilities of each township and village. The demonstration project spans a total length of 45 kilometers and involves 4 townships (streets) and 8 villages like Xiangying Street in Chengxi Village, Shihe Street in Shihe Village, Paotai Street in Peitun Village, and Chongwangmiao Village in Taiping Street in Pulandian District. And they all took their missions. The chief leaders of the forestry authorities of Jinpu New Area and Pulandian District expressed that they will make full efforts to coordinate with the implementing of the demonstration project.