Lushunkou District Further Strengthens Prevention and Control of Forest Diseases and Insect Pests

Lushunkou District strengthens the prevention and control of forest diseases and insect pests. In order to ensure the safety of forest resources, it focused on prevention, established a prevention and control system, implemented work responsibilities, strengthened prevention and control measures and highlighted priority of prevention and control.

Lushunkou District focuses on the prevention and control of pine wood nematode disease in coniferous forests and the American white moth in broad-leaved forests. A prevention and control system of forest diseases and insect pests was established and 9 monitoring sites were set up in the district.

 According to the epidemic situation of pine wood nematode disease, Lushunkou District has strengthened the trapping of Asemum striatum, which mainly caused the disease and increased the number of traps for 1,540 traps. It also conducted a thorough investigation of the pine forests in the district, established the grassroots monitoring network, and grasped the monitoring and early warning work in pine forest-intensive areas such as scenic spots and military camps.