Replantation Greening Activity Along Heihe—Dalian Highway Was Organized in Ganjingzi District

In April, in line with scientific planning and detailed deployment, the Maintenance Department, Traffic Bureau, Ganjingzi District, took fully advantage of spring weather, the golden period, to organize replantation greening activity along Heihe—Dalian highway. All personnel in the department have been mobilized into three groups. Besides, two watering carts were arranged to coordinate the replantation timely and efficiently, so as to wholly guarantee the rate of survival.

In the early stage, the Traffic Bureau has arranged person taking charge of maintenance to take a comprehensive survey of the greening situation along Heihe—Dalian highway, so as to find the sections lacking of vegetation. Through elaborate planning, the survivable forsythia was chosen as the replanted target. It has higher market share and better greening effect, which is beneficial to maintain and manage. It is estimated that almost 10,000 forsythias will be planted. It effectively ensured the environmental coordination and unification between newly-planted greening area and the city exit road. What’s more, the overall greening quality of highway was substantially improved.