Commanding Directors and Deploying Staff for Better City Appearances

Since March 11, in order to further optimize the city appearance and environment of the Zhongshan District, combining with all kinds of problems that exist in the previous training, raised by Luo Dongsheng, the Vice Mayor, Guo Yunfeng, the Deputy District Chief, gave an implicit instruction that the city appearance governance must adopt a new momentum.

The new mechanism of commanding directors and deploying staff, as well as the work objectives of the city appearance governance were high recognized by Qu Shouwei, the District Chief. The whole district also forms a working structure of monthly planning and daily reporting. Driven by this mechanism, Zhongshan District carried out city appearance governance from March 11th through March 17th and solved 4112 cases of city appearance and environment issues, including 2436 during the day shift, 1337 during the night shift and 339 cases of intelligent city management. These cases can be categorized as: (including intelligent city management cases) 424 cases of stacking outside the stores; 347 cases of demolition of private stopping devices and 510 other cases.

Landing on the three-year work deployment of “Beautiful Zhongshan” and driven by the new mechanism of “commanding directors and deploying staff”, Zhongshan District lifted the curtain of Spring city appearance and environment governance.