Municipal Government Hosted Meeting Themed on Improving Business Environment

On March 20, officials including Yu Decai, Zhang Chunli, Zhu Baohua attended a meeting themed on works to improve the business environment in Zhuanghe in 2018.

The meeting, held on the 1st floor of the government building, was presided by Li Yibing, deputy secretary of Zhuanghe CPC committee.

Zhang Shuping, secretary of Zhuanghe CPC committee, attended the meeting and made a speech.

The meeting was themed on a. comprehensively implementing the deployments made by the CPC committees of Liaoning Province, Dalian city and Zhuanghe regarding improving business environment under the guidance of the spirits of the 19th National Congress of Communist Party of China, as well as Xi Jinping’s thoughts on building socialism with Chinese characteristics for the new era; b. studying The Opinion on Strictly Implementing Policies Enacted by Liaoning CPC Committee and the People’s Government of Liaoning; c. summarizing the experiences regarding works to improve the business environment in Zhuanghe in 2017; d. making deployments for works in 2018.  

The attendees were briefed on feedback over the efforts to improve the working style at various governmental departments.

Yu Chengfu, member of Zhuanghe CPC standing committee and deputy executive mayor, made a speech on works to improve the business environment in Zhuanghe in 2018.

Representatives of Public & Administrative Service Center, Market Supervisory Administration, Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, as well as State Power Grid, Zhuanghe branch respectively made a speech at the meeting.

“A satisfactory business environment is indispensable for introduction of new investment projects in our city. Given the new pattern of economic development, while spending efforts on attracting new investment projects to our city, we should also pay more attention on improving the business environment. While providing a free environment for the investors, we should also be good at conducting market supervision and providing optimized service for the investors so that they can truly feel the improved business environment. Personnel of various governmental departments should reach a common consensus and concentrate on implementing the deployments made by Zhuanghe CPC committee and the people’s government of Zhuanghe. We should thoroughly implement the tasks entrusted to us,” Zhang Shuping said at the meeting.

The meeting was also attended by related officials of the departments of Dalian North Yellow Sea Economic Zone, related officials of departments of the municipal government of Zhuanghe, related officials of towns and sub-district governments, related executives of the state-, province- or city-level state owned-enterprises, related executives of some financial institutions, as well as personnel put in charge of supervising business environment in Zhuanghe.