Liaoning Media Focused On Business Evironment of Jinpu New Area

On the afternoon of March 15, the reporter of “Liaoning Daily” went to the New Area to focus on “Government-Bank Cooperation” and “Single Window” and carried out an interview on the theme of “typical cases and innovative measures in optimizing business environment”. This activity was carried out by the Provincial Business and Environmental Construction Supervision Bureau and “Liaoning Daily” according to the deployment of the provincial party committee and the provincial government. It will report the typical cases and innovative measures in optimizing business environment of Liaoning province.

The reporters of “Liaoning Daily” went to the subsidiary bank of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and comprehensive service hall in the free trade area to conduct an interview to understand the situation and effectiveness of “Government-Bank Cooperation” and “Single Window” in detail. They also investigated the staff and draw materials by listening to their feedback face to face. During the interview, the strong atmosphere of investment promotion and security business in the New Area and the “like” from Chinese and foreign enterprises have left a deep impression on reporters; the innovative measures and highlights of the New Area's optimization of the business environment have been fully demonstrated to reporters.

"Government-Bank Cooperation" is the first innovative measure for optimizing business environment in northeastern China. Through embedding financial services in urban and rural areas, it embeds financial services such as account opening and credit into the government's administrative approval, allowing businessman to apply for business licenses and enjoy financial services at  their "house". Up to now, there are more than 1,000 enterprises registered through the “Government-Bank Cooperation” channel for application and processing, and it has formed a trend of promoting in the city.

"Single Window" means that enterprises submit standardized application materials only through a single system or platform, and then all departments can simultaneously approve, achieving administrative approval service models involving multiple departments' approval items. The Administrative Service Hall in Dalian Bonded Area has fully implemented the “Single Window” administrative service acceptance model from June 4 last year, which includes 246 administrative services in 8 bureaus in the area. The “Single Window”is the most effective way to improve the government service and it can solve the problem of “difficult accessibility, unfriendly look , and difficult dealing”.