Zhuanghe City Takes Many Effective Measures to Prohibit Straw Burning

On March 3rd, Yu Chengfu, member of the municipal standing committee and executive vice-mayor of Zhuanghe City, took head s of EPA, the Economic Information Bureau and the Agricultural Development Bureau, etc. to inspect environmental work in part of the villages and towns.

Zhuanghe city leaders inspected straw burning prohibition work in part of the villages and towns along high-speed railways and motorways that day, and convened a symposium on prohibiting straw burning in Qingdui Town of Zhuanghe City.

Zhuanghe city leaders pointed out, taking effective measures to prohibit straw burning and land burning in the rural areas and ensure comprehensive use of straw were a top priority to current environmental improvements in the rural areas. Relevant departments should strictly implement their duties to strengthen supervision and inspection in key regions and areas.