Lushunkou District Promotes Ecological Environment Construction Based on Green Development

Lushunkou District attaches great importance to protection of ecological environment.

After implementing the “green mountains” project, the district has planted 3 million trees per year.

It is successively rated as the model of urban forestation among the counties and districts in Dalian, and wins the title of “forest city” in Liaoning Province. Meanwhile, the district has replanted 100000 trees with colored leaves to further beautify the environment.

It’s rated as the model of urban forestation in China.

The district carries out works to protect the marine environment and oceanic resources by practicing summer fishing moratorium, reducing number of fishing ships, converting part of fishing ships to other purposes, building sea ranches, and resorting to artificial means of propagation to enhance population of juvenile fish in the ocean. For example, it released 1.2 billion larva or juveniles of Chinese shrimps, Paralichthys olivaceus and other species in the ocean last year to revive the oceanic resources.

The district also carries out works to restore the offshore environment.

It wins the title of state-level “demonstration area of marine ecological civilization”.

The district further improves the protection of wildlife.

It has hosted the international contest of bird watching successively for several years.

It continues to strength the crackdown against illegal poaching, and at the same time improves the people’s awareness in protection of wild birds.

Every year, the district cures about 100 wild birds injured or infected with infectious diseases.