China Radio International Went to Lushunkou District to Collect the Theme of the Construction of Marine Ecological Civilization Demonstration Area

Recently, a reporter from China International Radio Broadcasting Center of Western European and Latin American Region went to Lushunkou District to shoot the construction achievements of Marine Ecological Civilization Demonstration Zone.

As part of the Dalian’s follow-up report on the the spirits of the 19th CPC National Congress of the "New era, New look, New situation", the report focused on the achievements of ecological remediation projects, such as comprehensive management of the Longhe River that Lushunkou District has vigorously implemented in recent year, the erosion control and beach conservation project of World Peace Park coast, Laotie Mountain Chenjia Village marine ecological remediation project. It showed the construction achievements of Marine Ecological Civilization Demonstration Zone in Lushunkou District in recent years. Relevant reports will be showed in the form of broadcast and new media video programs gradually.