The Big Changes of Nearshore Water Quality of Jinpu New District

Looking at the clear river, the residents near the Dengsha River said:”It is such a good thing to control the river pollution for our citizens.”

Dengsha River is the largest basin river in the Jinpu New District. In last April, after six months of remediation, the water quality of the Dengsha River reached the IV class from the long-term over V class, meeting the standard eight months ahead of time. Last year, among the 31 sewage outlets or rivers into the sea, 16 have been remedied, including the Dengsha River, 15 are in the process of remediation. The nearshore water quality of Jinpu New District all meet the standards, achieving a great change.

Remediation of sewage outlets or rivers into the sea is not only an urgent need of nearshore residents, but also an important task assigned by the country, province and city. The New District should comprehensively promote the remerdiation according to these principles “government leading, division of responsibilities, implementing the responsibility, strict assessment of accountability”. The leader of Environmental Protection Administration said that, in order to do this well, the New District introduced the Plan for Remediation of Over-standard Sewage Outlets (Rivers) into the Sea , which clarified the thought of "source control, local conditions, classified treatment and one-policy for one-river" and detailed each remediation technical scheme and project promotion plan for the sewage outlets (rivers) into the sea. It also proposed the comprehensive treatment measures such as remediation of industrial sources along the river, concentrated disposal for domestic sewage, prevention and control of pollution caused by livestock. The New District plans to implement the requirement of "river-leader system" and strengthen information disclosure, supervision and assessment, follow-up monitoring to ensure that remediation can be carried out on schedule to meet the standard.