The Results of Eco-environmental Construction in Jinpu New District Have Been Tested

The achievements made in environmental protection in Jinpu New District were subject to reexamination.

On December 15, a delegation dispatched by the Dalian leading group for overseeing rectification works of environmental protection toured Jinpu New District, inspecting works of ecological construction and environmental improvement in the district, and more importantly supervising how related agencies handled the issues pointed out by the environment supervisors dispatched by the state council when they toured the district. The delegation was made up by NPC representatives, CPPCC members, media representatives and citizen representatives.

Divided into three groups, members of the delegation respectively toured Wafangdian, Zhuanghe, Pulandian, Jinpu New District, inspecting the operations of waste water treatment plants as well as the disposal of black and odorous water. At the same time, they pointed out some of the shortcomings which were yet to be rectified.  

After touring Meiyao village (which is located in the jurisdiction of Tongjiahe Sub-District Government), Denghua section of Dengsha river, Chengxi village (which is located in the jurisdiction of Xiangying Sub-District Government) and Daweijia waste incineration plant, members of the delegation were deeply impressed by the achievements made in the ecological construction and environment protection in Jinpu New District.

Personnel from related governmental departments and other organizations said that while consolidating the achievements, still there was more for them to do to create a more beautiful environment for life and production.