Standard-lifting and Reform Project of Lushun Bailanzi Sewage Treatment Plant Is Completed And Now Put into Operation

Lushun Bailanzi sewage treatment plant is located in Bailanzi Village, Tieshan Township, Lushun; according to national, provincial and municipal requirements and agreements, in order to better protect the ecological environment and promote sustainable economic development, the Lushunkou District Government decided to implement the standard-lifting and reform project of urban sewage treatment plant.  In April 2017, the Bailanzi sewage treatment plant project commenced with a total investment of 42.2331 million Yuan and daily treatment capacity of 30,000 tons. The effluent water's quality reaches the A standard of Level I of Urban Sewage Treatment Plant Pollutant Discharge Standard. Currently the project has been put into operation.

The completion and operation of Bailanzi sewage treatment plant standard-lifting and reform project further solve the Lushun City's production and domestic sewage water pollution and water environmental protection issues, the treated water can be used for landscaping irrigation, scouring roads, public toilets, trashcans, flushing vehicles and construction water etc.; this would improve the utilization rate of urban water resources and alleviate the contradiction of inadequate water supply; reduce the pollution of urban water environment, and play a positive role in the construction of a beautiful Lushun.