Lushunkou District Conducted Forest Afforestation And Ecological Environment Protection Works

Since the winter set in, Lushunkou District has actively carried out winter tree planting and forest fire prevention. Nearly 5,000 people of the entire district participated in winter voluntary tree planting and over 20,000 trees were planted.

Since the beginning of this year, Lushunkou District has further consolidated the construction achievements of the National Model Area of ​​Greening and forest city in Liaoning Province. It vigorously implemented the project of "Seeding Greens into Seams and Increasing Colors of Mountains and Forests", and realized the transition from "greening" to "beautification" of the ecological environment. It implemented some major projects of greening, established the Great Wall Huayun Peony Garden, and completed 6 major greening projects including Guoshui Road- Mabei Road Sakura Avenue and planted 320,000 trees. The District strengthened greening management and completed 3 million m2 of greening management, 250,000m2 of bare lands were reforested and 42% of black pine became green again. More than 950 ancient and famous trees were included in the management system of State Forest Bureau. Forest pests have been effectively controlled and 41,000mu of white lady moths have been put under control. The District monitored 150,000mu of pine wood nematode and pine caterpillars, and the prevention rate and monitoring rate reached 100%; 98% of the leaves remained intact. The forest firefighting capabilities have been improved, a forest firefighting team was established and it now consists of 10 guns, 210 people and more than 260 firefighting equipment; the team completed the forest firefighting tasks successfully.  The District also strengthened the protection of wildlife and cracked 8 wildlife criminal cases, arrested 12 suspects, collected more than 80 bird nets and saved over 70 wild birds, it effectively protected the ecological environment and ecological resources of the area.