Lushunkou District Has Launched A Public Welfare Tree Planting Campaign Called " Green Action, Red Maple Sentiment"

Winter is coming. Dalian Taiyanggou Cultural Industrial Zone, Lushun Tourism Group Co. Ltd. and the Office of Guangrong Street now are looking for volunteers for the arbor activity, planting acer monoes at mountainous regions of Lushun 203 Scenic Spot to embellish the earth. The relevant departments hope to propagandize environmental awareness and green ecological idea and fill more peoples’ hearts with green.

Time: 13:30, November 24, 2017  
Location: Lushun 203 Scenic Spot

100 volunteers who love nature and are eager to be committed to environmental protection are needed. Volunteers need to take buckets and the scenic spot can provide shovels and pickaxes. Please follow the lead of the staff and pay attention to your labor safety.

Anyone interested in this activity can sign up from now and the deadline is 11:00, November 23. Tel: 0411-86638003.