Practical enhancement in marine management and protection

September 8, Zhao Yongbo, mayor of Zhuanghe city, and Su Changzhong, vice mayor of Zhaunghe took the lead in the researching on marine environment rectification. Leaders of municipal Finance Bureau, Bureau of Land and Resources, Environmental Protection Bureau, Water Resources Bureau, Ocean and Fishery Bureau, etc. participated in the research. Zhao Yongbo and his parties investigated seaport restoration in Zhaunghe Bay and sewage facility reconstruction Dalian Guofu Food Co., Ltd. Zhuanghe Municipal Party Committee and government have achieved preliminary results by attaching great importance to rational development and effective protection of marine resources through special plans, policies and measures. Zhao Yongbo stressed that it is a must to implement the Central and State Council’s deployment for marine environmental protection, strengthen marine management, and identify problems in resources and environmental management so as to enhance the level of marine management and protection.

Zhao Yongbo required relevant departments to speed up rectification on marine environmental issues, conduct self-examination and specify responsibilities. Regarding marine environment problems, efforts should be made to establish responsibility mechanism and solve problems in strict accordance with procedures after serious investigation. Besides, it is important to establish and improve a long-term mechanism for marine management and ecological protection to speed up the construction of marine ecological civilization and promote the development of Zhuanghe with decisive attitude, effective measures and practical work.