The Rain And Sewage Distributary Reconstruction Project of Old City in Jinzhou District Is Fully Launched

The Rain and Sewage Distributary Reconstruction Project of Old City in Jinzhou District is one of the most important livelihood projects in the new city. After the early preparation, recently the reconstruction project has been fully launched. The completion of project will change the confluence of rain and sewage realizing the utilization of all kinds of water resources and reaching sewage disposal standards.



The old city, constructed a long time ago, adopts the drainage system combining rain and sewage, causing waste of water resources easily. After a preliminary examination and investigation, this year, the new district starts the Rain and Sewage Distributary Reconstruction Project of Old City in Jinzhou District. The project is divided into three phases with the first phase under construction currently.



Near the meeting place of Jinquan Road and Shuangxing Road, the construction unit is carrying out the construction of the Bali River Sewage Interception Project. The construction of Bali River Sewage Interception Project includes sewage intercepting and disposal of Jiuli River, branches of Jiuli River and Bali River. The total length of the project is 7800 meters.



In the interview, we learned that the complexity of the construction region had a certain influence on pipeline installation.



The first phase of Rain and Sewage Distributary Reconstruction Project of old city in Jinzhou District includes sewage intercepting project of Bali River, Hongqi River and Beida River. The length of the main construction line is about 17000 meters and that of the overall pipeline construction is about 20000 meters. The first phase is expected to be finished at the end of December.



When all the three phases are completed, the old city in Jinzhou District will separate the discharge of rain and sewage, realize a better use of all kinds of water resources, and reduce sewage pollution of the rivers.