Xiao Shengfeng: The Reform of Public Hospitals Is Taken As A Major Livelihood Project to Benefit the Masses

Yesterday, Liaoning government held a video and telephone conference on implementing comprehensive reform of public hospitals and mobilized and deployed relevant work. Mayor Xiao Shengfeng delivered a speech at Dalian parallel session and promised that Dalian municipal Party committee and government would seriously implement the spirit of the important speech  by President Xi at the national health conference. In accordance with the deployment of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, Liaoning provincial Party committee, and Liaoning government, the comprehensive reform of public hospitals was taken as a major livelihood project to increase the accessibility of the masses’ health and happiness, Xiao said.



Xiao introduced the main measures of the reform. First, the the government’s responsibility will be strengthened to ensure commonweal of basic medical and health services. Dalian will enhance the organization of the reform to consolidate responsibilities of leadership, safeguard, management and supervision. The commonweal of haspitals will be preserved to popularize medical insurance system in basic medical and health services. The compensation mechanism will be established to implement financial compensation policies in transitional period of the reform with the price of medical services decreasing to 90%. Exploiting outside potentiality and saving inside power can achieve the smooth transition from covering hospitals’ expenses with medicine revenue to new management mechanism of modern hospitals. Second, the reform of public health services, medical insurance, and medical production-circulation will be implemented to improve system and mechanism innovation of public hospitals. The reformation of health care is taken as the core to break down profit-seeking mechanism, optimize distribution of medical resources and continuely improve the system of medical and health service. The reform of medical insurance is taken as the foundation to promote the reform of payment methods based on the types of disease, the number of people, the days of hospitalization and the relevant groups of disease diagnosis. The medical reform is taken as the key to implementing “two-ticket system” of purchasing drugs and decrease intermediate links and operating costs. The institutional innovation is taken as a safeguard to establish a series of reform policies, aiming to solve various problems, including regulating the price of medical services, implementing financial aid, reforming the payment methods of medical insurance and personnel salary system, and decreasing artificially high drug prices. Third, the reform idea of public health should be formed to enhance the capacity of medical and health services of public hospitals. The medical technologies are taken as support to establish urban and rural cooperation mechanism and promote the capacity and level of basic medical and health services. A series of health projects will be carried out to add posts with advanced professional skills and enhance the construction of famous hospitals and medical departments to attract famous doctors. The public hospitals will implement “prevention, treatment and recovery” project and popularize traditional Chinese medicine in counties, communities and families. The health promotion and management will be strengthened to boost the construction of medical consortiums and the signing service of family physicians. The multi-sited practice license of physicians will be implemented and the management work of common diseases, chronic diseases and geriatric diseases will be completed. Fourth, the medical burden of the masses will be reduced and the payment of medical staff will be raised. The cost-plus pricing of drugs and medical consumables will be canceled. The examination and diagnostic test fees of large equipment will be decreased and unreasonable medical treatments, including unreasonable growth of hospitalization costs, and excessive examinations and prescriptions, will be controlled. The separation of clinic from pharmacy will be implemented. Meanwhile, The payment of medical staff and the masses‘ sense of gain will be increased.



Yuan Keli, member of Standing Committee of the CPC Dalian Municipal Committee and executive vice-mayor of Dalian, and Wen Xueqing, deputy mayor of Dalian, attended the conference at Dalian parallel session.