Jinpu New Area Openly Employs 137 Environmental Protection Officers to Participate in Environmental Inspection

Learning from the successful model of “three offices”, the Environmental Protection Agency of Jinpu New Area assigns environmental protection officers in agriculture-related streets within the area to conduct environmental supervision in cities, counties, districts, streets and villages to establish a four-level linkage environmental supervision system.



On Aug. 3, the staff of nature conservation management office of the Environmental Protection Agency came to Daweijia Street to train environmental protection officers on image capture, information reporting, etc. 10 environmental protection officers in Daweijia Street have inspected pollution discharge and water quality in the upstream and downstream of Daweijia River and timely reported photos and drawings to relevant departments.



Wei Xinhong said that an environmental protection officer should often patrol within the area, timely collect evidence once finding problems and report to relevant departments with grassroots environmental information. Besides, it is necessary to carry out social education and publicity on work dynamics, environmental laws and regulations, ecological and environmental protection knowledge, and collect people’s views and suggestions on environmental protection work.



Up to now, the area has openly employed 137 environmental protection officers and improved their business ability through training and half-yearly assessment. In the next step, the Environmental Protection Agency will enhance management, replace hand-drawing with dynamic management pattern, promote environmental monitoring mechanism, and create a more favorable ecological environment for villagers.