Zhoushuizi Street Fights for “The Cleanest Street”

In recent days, Zhoushuizi Street conducted a rectification campaign on environment and sanitation based on the semiannual evaluation of “the cleanest street” to improve the city appearance. Relevant departments of the street, 15 communities and functional departments stationed in the street conducted a rectification campaign under the principle of “zero tolerance” to the actions damaging city appearance. They gave up weekend rest for eliminating adlets, construction garbage and illegal street stalls.



Through the two-day centralized rectification on July 29 and 30, the street mobilized 1000 persons in total, including 200 work staff and 800 volunteers and assigned over 100 vehicles, thus eliminating more than 20 illegal street stalls and 20,000 pieces of adlets and cleaning over 400 tons of construction garbage in 60 places .



In order to ensure the work results and process, the main leaders of the street led relevant departments to conduct inspection on 15 communities and put forward targeted rectification suggestions in light of different conditions. They also provided guidance and logistics service for the community.



During the rectification, Zhoushuizi Street took flexible measures in light of actual conditions. On one hand, the street patiently informed citizens of the harmfulness of destroying environment. On the other, they took powerful actions to crack down on illegal acts and punish relevant people.



In the next step, Zhoushuizi Street will intensify efforts in protecting environment, combining the education on civilization and hygiene for the masses with the rectification work and fighting for the “cleanest street” to improve the citizens’ sense of happiness.