Lushunkou District Carries out Rectification on Removing Floating Objects at Sea

On July 10, Lushunkou District carried out rectification on removing floating objects at sea, dispatching fishing-boats to remove the garbage floating on the harbor so as to maintain the marine ecological environment.



The rectification happened at the Tahewan sea area of Longtou Street. Over 100 local fishermen started off more than 30 fishing-boats to search and refloat the garbage such as plastic bottles, plastic bags, weeds and seaweeds, etc. and shipped them ashore from the sea. Two special vehicles for garbage transport were also dispatched to transfer those bags of garbage to the garbage dump for centralized treatment.



Since this year, Lushunkou District has promoted its management of the marine environment, and the oceanic and fishery environmental protection administration of the district has established maritime environment cleaning team consisting of the marine environmental protection personnel and fishermen in every fishing port. The garbage in every fishing port, harbor, and coastline was removed timely. The maritime garbage clean-up system was also established. The contingency plans for marine natural disasters and marine environmental management were built in case that the floating objects at sea increased when several fishing-boats were organized to clean them to keep the clean marine environment in the whole district.