A Group of Wild Birds Returned to the Blue Sky again After They Were Cured in Lushunkou District

A few days ago, an activity with the theme of curing rare birds was held in Lushun No.203 Tourist Scenic Spot. 6 well-healed raptors flied to the sky from Lushun Wild Bird Rescue Station, including the national second class protected buteo, peregrine falcons and kestrel.

Since May, Lushun Wild Bird Rescue Station has totally rescued 33 birds, half of which are national second class protected birds. According to the introduction of Yang Jiazhen, head of the Station, an injured buteo was found by staff of Jinpu New Area Wild Animal Protection Station. Thanks to a volunteer taking a taxi to send the bird to the Lushun Wild Bird Rescue Station, the injured bird gained the best treatment time. Currently, there are 15 national second class protected birds in the Station. They had muscle strain, stomach upset and leg fracture. After a period of treatment, most of them recovered and 6 birds returned to the nature. Since this year, Lushun Wild Bird Rescue Station has totally rescued and healed 53 various birds, 77% more than that of the same period last year, which shows the increasing awareness of protecting birds. Xu Ye, a member of Dalian Bird Loving and Protecting Group, rescued more than 10 injured birds.

In this year, Lushun Wild Bird Rescue Station not only rescued national protected birds, but also cured such wild birds as seagull, egret, otus scops, philomel and red heron found by citizens. The cost of medicine, medical devices and food used for curing the wild birds was more than 20 thousand yuan.