Zhongshan District Enhances Urban Area Environment Through “Removal”, “Maintenance”, “Management”, “Greening” And “Lighting”

Zhongshan District has since this year made efforts in five aspects such as promoting the fine construction of Dalian, conducting targeted management, setting up sense of quality and leadership, and highlighting “removal”, “maintenance”, “management”, “greening” and “lighting” to carry out large-scale comprehensive rectification on urban environment and comprehensively enhance the quality of urban environment.

It is said that the urban construction and management with 170 million yuan of budget investment highlights greening and lightening, incorporates “scenery on every road” and “unique characteristic in every street” into greening projects, and makes construction, roads, street scenes and green quality meet the standard for  international cities. The lighting project highlights the combination of art and dynamic, and the integration of fashion and concept. The focuses of lighting project are put on Bangchui Island, Nanshan Style Street, Navy Square, etc. In addition, the maintenance for Zhongshan Road and Renmin Road makes Dalian brighter, more dynamic and beautiful.