The Environment Renovation of Shahekou District Pays More Attention to Humanization

In the past few days, the residents of Luanquanyuting Community, Malan Street, Shahekou District found that many environmental problems were fully renovated. Trees were planted at the open spaces. The protection construction was conducted at the side slope of woodland, which made the environment get an overall improvement. This year, Shahekou District will implement 39 measures in 7 categories, including urban-construction management, environmental protection and beautification, aiming to speed up the construction of ecological, low-carbon, intelligent and livable urban area and continually improve citizens’ satisfaction.

Improving facilities and enhancing quality. This year, Shahekou District will continue to improve urban infrastructure and speed up promoting the quality of residents’ lives, fitness and cultural activities. Xibeilu Park has been reconstructed according to the “sponge city” construction standard. 75% of the second stage of the project on the construction of Yougu Mountain Park has been finished. The whole project will be fully completed by the end of October. 90% of the upgrading and rebuilding project of the path from Bulao Street to Huanghe Road has been finished. The infrastructures of sculptures, guideboards and signs along the paths have been cleaned up. More than 500 trees have been planted on both sides of Zhongshan Road, Xi’an Road and Xibei Road, which create a good urban environment for Davos.

Seizing chances and solving problems. Shahekou District seizes the opportunities of the Party Central Committee’s environmental supervision and comprehensive improvement of city appearance and environment to work hard for solving urban environment problems. Since the spring of this year, Shahekou District has carried out special rectifications successively, aiming to solve historical problems, including road-occupation car repairing at Bulao Street, smoke and noise pollution of hotels, potential safety hazard of the original Dalian Winery and illegal construction of street market.

Working for people and relying on people. Shahekou District persists in the concept of “working for people in people’s city” and investigates people’s demands though such websites aswww.mxm.gov.cn, www.dlminyi.com and hotlinesincluding12345 and 96685. At the beginning of this year, 4 projects were set down, including the “warm house” project of 500 thousand square meters, the comprehensive renovation project of 26 thousand square meters’ old buildings, maintenance project of 690 thousand square meters’ water pipe network, and standardized renovation project of more than 60 thousand square meters’ greenbelt. Based on the creative comparison of “the cleanest street”, “the cleanest building” and “the community reaching the goal of environment protection” as well as the activities of the construction of “urban garden” and the 29th patriotic health month, more than 60 thousand flowers and trees have been planted. The city environment governance model of “mass mobilization and society commitment” is further promoted. More than 2000 cadres, teachers and students, sanitation workers and citizens took part in the activity of “voluntary labor day of renovating environmental health in spring”. During the activity, rubbish in more than 10 areas was cleared up, aiming to build a healthy social environment of “constructing and governing the city of people”.

Improving the long-term mechanism. Shahekou District takes Lijia Street as a pilot area to explore and build a grid system, including “one basic grid, one grid team, one information platform, one operating mechanism and one supervision system”. The system will be popularized in the whole district to realize elaborated, standardized and normalized social governance of city construction management and environment renovation. The inspection system will be strictly carried out and problems will be notified regularly. Through the service hotlines of “helping families” and 12345 and the Internet platforms of www.mxm.gov.cn, www.dlminyi.com and wisdom city inspectors, the problems reflected by the masses will be solved as soon as possible.